ecomhack Berlin 2015

The New Shopping Experience
30 October - 01 November Berlin (Germany)

About Ecomhack

Bringing together the brightest minds in the e-commerce space, ecomhack fosters the exchange between innovative companies and talented teams to burst inspiration and knowledge exchange in the community and create outstanding and sustainable hacks.
Within 42 hours, the teams of up to 5 people create amazing e-commerce hacks using the latest technology. At the end of the two days, a renowned jury votes for the best, most inspiring and innovative apps and awards the development teams.
You'd like to just have a peek? Join us for the pre-event after work on Friday to learn more about commercetools or come the final presentations and mingle with people on Sunday afternoon.

The New Shopping Experience

Shopping is personal, shopping is emotional, shopping is fun - and that’s also what we expect our experience to be. We want to be inspired and engaged along the way.
With half of the shoppers regularly using three or more channels, offering an integrated, engaging multichannel experience becomes increasingly important for brands and merchants. New technologies provide new opportunities to better understand the customers and offer unique ways to integrate online interactions with in-store experiences.
From personalized offers to a content-rich in-store experience to a seamless checkout – the upcoming ecomhack Berlin is all about how beacons, wearables and other emerging devices enable vendors to create a more personal, more inspiring and more engaging shopping experience – across all channels.

Why attend as an individual

Why attend as a company

  • Get to know commercetools platform and the core dev team
  • Win 25.000 € credit for your first commercetools project


Best IoT Hack


jochen krisch

Dirk Hoerig

CEO, commercetools

Miriam Wohlfahrt

Miriam Wohlfarth

Founder and Managing Director, RatePAY

Robert Zores

Robert Zores

CTO, REWE Digital

Jackson Bond

Jackson Bond

Chief Product Officer, relayr

Ronny Rentner

Ronny Rentner

SVP Engineering, Rocket Internet



6:00 pm

registration for the hackathon

7:00 pm

opening remarks & sponsor intros

7:30 pm

pitches & teambuilding

9:00 pm

sponsor breakout sessions

Open end

stay & hack as long as you want to


8:00 am


12:30 pm


13:30 pm

resume hacking

7:00 pm


Open end

stay & hack as long as you want to


8:00 am


1:00 pm

submit your hack

1:00 pm


2:00 pm


4:00 pm


4:30 pm

open end networking


1. Start your project from scratch at the first day of the event.

2. Work on an idea related to the topic "The new shopping experience".

3. Include commercetools and any other APIs in your concept.

4. Team size 1 - 5 people.

5. Powerpoint-free zone: It’s your demo that’s relevant - If it’s not fully functional (yet), just walk us through the code.